The Stuff Kids is a series of children's books designed to teach and inspire young girls and boys about what the stuff that surrounds us is made of...starting with wool. The Stuff Kids live in a secret world that surrounds us. Each one is made of a different material. That’s what makes them who they are. If you see one...please say: Hello! They always have good stories to tell! 

This is Woollard.
Woollard is made of wool. He makes lemonade with Shaggy (a sheep), goes to NYC and gets turned into a hat...!

This is Stretch.
Stretch is made of rubber. She lives in a rainforest near Rio, meets a squirrel named Nutty and dances salsa at carnival...! 

This is Poly.
Poly is made of plastic. She lives in Denmark, works in a flower shop, loves to build forts and eat waffles...!

This is Page.
Page is made of paper. She lives in a library, folds an origami bird, flies to Japan and meets a rock buddha...!

This is Bob.
Bob is made of cork. He grows up in Portugal, works on a vineyard in California and meets a kiwi bird.

This is Sandy.
Sandy is made of glass. She lives on an island in the South Pacific and plays tic-tac-toe with a starfish.