This is Bob. Bob is made of cork.
Bob lives in a cork forest in Portugal.
Cork is the bark of a very old oak tree. How old? 100 years old!
Cork trees live a long time but they are never lonely.

Are those ears hiding behind a rock?
Is that a nest snuggled in the branches?
Is that a tail wiggling in the bushes?

The oldest tree in the forest is crowded with birds.
Cork is quiet, but this tree is loud.

Every 10 years, cork trees are harvested and marked.
The bark is poked and peeled, boiled and punched.

Bob watched a colorful bird chase a bee beyond the edge of the forest.
The bee landed next to Bob.

The bird tried to eat the bee, the bee buzzed and Bob got stuck.

Bob could see, smell and hear Portugal: red roofs, dried fish, soccer goals.

Bob wiggled and dropped gently into the ocean.
He floated across the Atlantic Ocean,
squeezed into the Panama Canal,
and bobbed up the west coast to California.

Bob found a new home on a vineyard...!
That’s a fancy word for a farm that makes wine from very old grapes.