Imagining a world of wool (1st grade)


I've been working with Ms. Belle's 1st grade class at Convent in San Francisco for the last few years...her 1st graders (6-7 year old girls) have made wool balls, written stories about Woollard, designed and built their own world of wool, brainstormed and sketched...what would happen if Woollard (who is made of wool) and Bob (who is made of cork) met each other on a sunny, rainy or windy day. Here are a few quick thoughts on how to organize an activity like this in the future:

1st Grade (Age 6-7) - material properties and early science concepts
Ask the students to pick one of these questions and write a story...inspired the the material's superpower or weakness. Is wool...faster than the clouds? Is wool...stronger than rain? Is wool...lighter than air? Is wool...heavier than the sun? Is wool...louder than ice? Is wool...softer than rocks? And why?