Playing with wet wool (Preschool)

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Yesterday I visited Katie's preschool. We made wool balls with 3-4 year old kids in the Red Room. It was hard to "teach" the science of wool, but they LOVED playing with the wool before and after we give it a secret-super power to change shapes in the soapy water. Here are a few quick thoughts on how to organize an activity like this in the future:

Preschool (Age 3-4) - language and exploration of the real world
Give the kids a piece of wool to hold in their hands and talk while playing with the soapy water, on the floor, in the air, etc. What does wool sound like? When you drop it? When you roll it? What does wool feel like? When you squeeze it? When you kiss it? What does wool smell like? When it's dry? When it's wet?