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The Stuff Kids officially launched on Kickstarter in October 2015, when my daughter was almost 2-years-old. I didn't want her to grow-up without the chance to learn from and be inspired by her mom, K.J. Scribbles. I studied material science at Stanford University and got a PhD in materials engineering from Cambridge University, England where I wrote a textbook to teach designers about materials, Materials and Design. Then I worked at IDEO and wrote a book titled I Miss My Pencil helping designers imagine, design and make products and experiences with better materiality and better storytelling. Then, I had kids...and I had an idea that connected the things that I love: materials, design and kids!

I have always believed that materials have personality and a story to tell. Imagine if materials come to life in a book where illustrated pages turn around a piece of the material itself. The Stuff Kids is a series of children's books, and related products, designed to inspire and teach young kids a little bit about what stuff is made of...starting with wool. Let me introduce you to Woollard. : )