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The Stuff Kids officially launched on Kickstarter in October 2015, when my daughter was almost 2-years-old. I didn't want her to grow-up without the chance to learn from and be inspired by her mom, K.J. Scribbles. I studied material science at Stanford University and got a PhD in materials engineering from Cambridge University, England where I wrote a textbook to teach designers about materials, Materials and Design. Then I worked at IDEO and wrote a book titled I Miss My Pencil helping designers imagine, design and make products and experiences with better materiality and better storytelling. Then, I had kids...and I had an idea that connected the things that I love: materials, design and kids!

I have always believed that materials have personality and a story to tell. Imagine if materials come to life in a book where illustrated pages turn around a piece of the material itself. The Stuff Kids is a series of children's books, and related products, designed to inspire and teach young kids a little bit about what stuff is made of...starting with wool. Let me introduce you to Woollard. : )

Woollard is made of wool. He lives in the country with his friend Shaggy, a sheep. He goes to New York City when he is bored and falls into a hat factory. He goes to The North Pole on a hot summer day and teaches a snowman to juggle. Woollard is just the first in the series...Page is made of paper, Bob is made of cork, Sandy is made of glass, Walter is made of concrete, Rusty is made of steel, Stretch is made of rubber, Poly is made of plastic, Charlie is made of charcoal, Elmer is made of wood, Twister is made of cotton, Wiggles is made of cardboard, Clay is made of, well...clay.