K.J. Scribbles

The Stuff Kids project has been a labor of love (nights and weekends, on planes and in coffee shops) for almost ten years. It's time to publish. With this series of children's books and related products, I hope to inspire kids and parents and teachers to look differently at the world and see and love and learn a little bit about the character and personality of the stuff that surrounds us. The project officially launched started on Kickstarter in 2015.

I am a material scientist, almost. I never worked in the lab designing new materials and doing science. Instead, I published my thesis as a textbook to teach/inspire designers to think differently about materials: Materials And Design. And then I worked side-by-side with designers at IDEO for 15 years to imagine and build meaningful, beautiful or functional objects and stories, with materials as a key ingredient: I Miss My Pencil.

Now, and for the next 15 years, I want to teach and inspire kids about what stuff is made of and why, starting with wool...! Let me introduce you to Woollard, the first book in the series.