Woollard lives in the country, he has a friend named Shaggy. Shaggy is a sheep. Woollard makes lemonade, rolls up and down the hills and a daisy gets stuck to his head. He goes to New York City and falls into a hat factory. He escapes to The North Pole and teaches a snowman to juggle. Buy one book, or three!

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These red Woollard hats are inspired by Woollard's adventure to New York City. They are designed to be one-size-fits all - for kids of any age. Each one is made by hand in Nepal. The style is simple and playful, warm and cozy. If you've got skills, or you want to learn...these hats are perfect for juggling!


With simple kid-friendly instructions, you can make-your-own Woollard! It's a great activity for rainy days or for kids with fidgety fingers. Boys and girls love seeing and doing the transformation of wool fibers into felt...and all you really need is soap and water! Add a cookie cutter or some stitches to give the wool more shape or decoration.

Thanks to the support of a few friendly business owners, Woollard books are available for sale at local (San Francisco Bay Area) independent bookstores or art & craft shops. If you want to find a local independent bookstore near you, ask indiebound.org! : )

Woollard is made of wool. If you love wool, you will love Woollard.

He wants to teach you a little bit about wool. There are printed books available and a few accessories for kids, parents and teachers to play and make with wool. In each story of happy-go-lucky curiosity, the stitched illustrations turn around a piece of red wool felt that is attached to the center page of the book.

For every Woollard book sold, $1 is donated to Slide Ranch so kids who visit can see, touch, snuggle, shear, felt, weave and stitch wool. Slide Ranch is dedicated to "planting kids in nature"...it's an amazing organization and they love sheep as much as we do. ; )

There are more characters in The Stuff Kids series, Woollard is the first to say: Hello! Page is made of paper and learns to fold herself into an origami bird after reading every book in her bookstore. Stretch is made of rubber and bounces into Rio for Carnival with a nutty squirrel. Bob is made of cork and moves from Portugal to California to work on a vineyard and smoosh grapes.